Our Pastor & Staff

Bill Bryson, Senior Pastor









Pastor Bryson began his ministry as Assistant to the late Dr. Richard Worshan at Saratoga Bible Baptist Church of Saratoga Springs, New York. After Saratoga, he pastored a church in south Texas for two years

It was then that Pastor Bryson and his wife, Carol, came to California with their four children to begin serving the Lord in the Bay Area.

Email Pastor Bryson at pastor@lbceastbay.com.


Chris Rule, Assistant Pastor and School Administrator

Chris Rule graduated with his Master Degree in 2009. He has been on staff since that time as the Lighthouse Baptist School Administrator and Assistant Pastor. Email Chris Rule at chris.rule@lbceastbay.com.

Carol Bryson, Office Supervisor

Carol Bryson is the wife of Pastor Bryson. She is the church office supervisor, graphic design lead, children’s ministry director, and nursery coordinator. Email Carol Bryson at carol.bryson@lbceastbay.com.


Ruby Chan, Secretary

Ruby Chan is a clerical graduate from Chabot College and had been the church and school secretary since 2001. Email Ruby Chan at ruby.chan@lbceastbay.com.